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Easily manage your supply chain and take a proactive approach to inventory management. so that everyday challenges never slow down growth. Automatically import orders from all of your shop with our API. Track inventory in real-time and know exactly when to reorder product.


Traditional Way

Manually Find suppliers,ship the stuff back to destination country,rent warehouse to stock stuff and hire employee to pack stuff, contact local courier to ship stuff.the broken stuff need to be sent back to China , takes a long time . need to upload track number and marked orders as “Fulfilled” manually .

New Fulfillment Model

Just a one-time setup SKU of each product . GlobalMate will catch the orders and sync to admin system. Once, the tracking number is entered from GlobalMate , the order will be automatically marked as fulfilled in your online shop.

How it works

GlobalMate Fulfillment is your all-in-one warehouse, order fulfillment and shipping partner.


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GlobalMate Fulfillment is a professional and commitment free way for online seller to grow their business. GM handle your shipping, returns and exchanges Etc. GM promise that: No hidden fee, NO MOQ limitation. you can track every penny of your money.

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