GM will ship your orders worldwide

Step1. Syncing Orders

Syncing orders automatically can relax yourself from repetitive labor and yet minimize errors.

By integrating with e-commerce marketplaces via API, all orders can be seamlessly synced to our order fulfillment system for automated processing. Of course, you can also batch upload your received orders manually.

Step2. Picking & Packing

In GM, the efficiency and accuracy of picking & packing orders on the same day are ensured by using PDA and barcode technologies. In order to reduce the damage rate and shipping cost, our packing solution is always based on your product’s properties and we use the most appropriate type of packing materials to keep it light and small.

Basic packing materials include unbranded boxes, bubble wraps, corner protectors, packing tapes, etc. If you have any demand for customized packing or value-added service, we can do it too.

Step3. Shipping

After pick & pack, most orders will be ready to ship out on the same day through fully automatic sorting machines. Automation and large handling capacity mean that you do not need to worry about order fulfillment even during peak season. With multiple global shipping options from China to international destinations, you can select shipping carriers based on your preferences. The last mile delivery, Quick clearance, DDP Service, Export tax rebate GM D-lines, International express, Postal service, FBA Service

Step4. Tracking Orders

Tracking information will be update in 24Hours to your e-commerce marketplace and a tracking email under you brand name will be sent to your buyer also. And for your convenience, you can track your orders' status on any track website GM will proactive in monitoring all aspects of order fulfillment and you will be well-informed of any changes or abnormalities. If you have any questions about orders, our customer service will reply and solve within 24 hours.