Receive your inventory and pack your parcel according to the orders

1: Keep parcel lightweight to save shipping costs.

Our packing team will use the right type of packing materials for each product and choose a suitable sized box to keep the package light and small.

You can view detailed costs of storage, picking and shipping in the dashboard.

GM warehouse system also uses a combination of weight, visual and barcode checks, to help the team accurately pick and pack the right items.

2: Keep the original package.

GM have a wide range of packing materials and packaging fillers. This includes unbranded boxes, bubble wraps, corner protectors, packing tapes, etc.

GM do not compromise on protection. Our experienced packers will pack your orders in the right way to ensure their safety during transportation.

For some vulnerable products, the use of reinforced packing is even more necessary. We will recommend you to use some specific packing materials to ensure safe transportation.

3: Multiple packing selection.

Fully branded, custom packing with no minimum order quantity requirement.

Value-added services such as kitting and simple product assembly.

Marketing inserts and online tracking for your customers to increase your customer loyalty and boost your sales.

4: Process orders efficiently and quickly

GM fulfillment software will help the picking staff to pick items quickly by guiding them to use the most efficient picking route within the warehouse.

The productiveness of picking and packing orders is ensured by using PDA and barcode technologies. We use a combination of weight verification, visual and barcode checks to guarantee pick and pack accuracy.